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Search tips: 

  • The search terms do not differentiate between capitals and lower-case letters.
  • Grammatical elements are not taken into account (articles, prepositions, etc.).
  • By defect, only those articles containing all the search terms will be identified (in other words, the AND term is predetermined in the search)
  • Combine expressions containing more than one word with the term OR to search for any of the search terms; e.g. education OR research.
  • Use brackets to create more complex searches; e.g. file ((journal OR lecture) NOT thesis)
  • In order to search for an exact phrase or expression, write them between guillemets (French quotation marks); e.g. «open access publication»
  • In order to exclude a word, insert a hyphen – before or the word NOT; e.g. on line - policy or on line NOT policy.
  • Use the asterisk (*) in a term as a wild card to search for any sequence of characters; e.g. if you insert moralitat soci* both documents containing the word «socia» and those that contain «sociològica» will be included in the search results.