Book Reviews 

Pyrenae encourages the publication of book reviews which are published in the second volume of the year. The objective is to promote the diffusion of new research, comment on the history of particular research themes and scientific debate.

Prospective authors and editorials who wish to have their book reviewed or publish an advert should contact the Editors of Pyrenae. Two copies of the work should be sent addressed to Pyrenae (cf. the postal contact address): one example for the reviewer and one for the Library of the Facultat de Geografia i Història of the Universitat de Barcelona.

We recommend that a colour photograph of the book cover be sent so it can be published on the web site of Pyrenae.

Reviews published in Pyrenae are identified with a DOI.


Information for review authors

Authors that wish to publish a book review in Pyrenae, if they have not been contacted (commissioned) directly by the editors of Pyrenae, must contact Pyrenae in order to establish the first contact.

The length of reviews has no word limit, but reviews of 2000 maximum are the norm. References can be made in the text following the same guidelines established for articles. If the authors wish to exceed this word length, they should contact the Editors of Pyrenae to discuss whether it can be published.

The bibliographical reference for the book should comprise the name and surnames of the author/authors, the full title, the name of the publisher, the series (if there is one), the number of pages, figures and plates, as well as the ISBN.

Authors of a review must sign with their name and surname and provide their ORCiD ID.

The author of review will receive a hard copy of Pyrenae as well a pdf of their text. This pdf will be immediately uploaded onto the website of the Revistes Catalanes amb Accés Obert (open access) and also in open access on the website of Pyrenae (pdf and digital form).


Information for Publishers

Publishers who wish to propose a review of their books in Pyrenae must contact the Editors of Pyrenae. The journal will look for a suitable reviewer, if the publisher has no other suggestion. The publisher will be responsible for sending the volume to the reviewer.

One the review is published, if publisher has so asked, a hard copy of Pyrenae, as well as a pdf of the review will be sent to the publisher. They will also have access to download the copy uploaded onto the website of the Revistes Catalanes amb Accés Obert (with open access) and also in open access on the website of Pyrenae (pdf and digital form).