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Pyrenae, Revista de Prehistòria i Antiguitat de la Mediterrània Occidental / Journal of Western Mediterranean Prehistory and Antiquity is published by the Secció de Prehistòria i Arqueologia (Section of Prehistory and Archaeology) of the University of Barcelona.

The aim of the journal is to promote the dissemination of research results, as well as scholarly communication and debate, within a chronological framework that ranges from Prehistory to the beginning of the Middle Ages, especially in the Western Mediterranean.

Pyrenae is published in open access, twice a year, with a strict policy of adherence to this calendar, and contents undergo a thorough peer-review process. This means that it is a dynamic journal of high academic standard that is an excellent platform for the dissemination of research results.


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ISSN 0079-8215

EISSN 2339-9171
DOI 10.1344/Pyrenae
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Pyrenae is funded by the University of Barcelona:
Section of Prehistory and Archaeology of the Department of History and Archaeology
Research Committee of the Faculty of Geography and History
Vice-Rectorate for Institutional Relations, Communication and Language Policy


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